Leveraging Existing Areas of Innovation

 For a couple of decades, the Honors Program languished as an underfunded afterthought to Northwestern’s academic mission, despite the yeoman work of several past faculty directors. In Spring 2016, this changed when the faculty unanimously passed a major overhaul to the honors curriculum.  Among the numerous changes, two aspects of this overhaul were significant:  […]

Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation

 Introducing effective innovation into the classroom often takes time and expertise that individual faculty members do not have. Most faculty members have not had training in pedagogy, nor are they able to keep up with new pedagogical technologies and techniques while simultaneously keeping abreast of their own field. Computing services personnel are not trained […]

Faculty learning communities: Learning to teach together

Teaching tends to be faculty members’ most solitary activity–we rarely visit each other’s courses, comment on each other’s syllabi or assignments, help each other develop new ideas, comment on each other’s lecture style and content, etc. This article discusses the creation of faculty learning communities that are an essential part of faculty development. Faculty are […]

Ideas and resources related to mentoring

Mentoring pages from Michigan State University, part of their Academic Advancement Network. Much of the information was adapted from the Mentoring Toolkit developed as part of the work on NSF ADVANCE Grant #0811205, awarded to Michigan State University in fall 2008. Strong practices in advancing diversity still continue today from the original work. Mentoring