Online Campus Ministries

 As adult, graduate and degree-completion programs continue to increase in enrollment, there is a growing need to explore what online campus ministries could look like. Our current system was designed for the traditional, residential student. Although many adult students already have a church home where they can go for spiritual support and growth, our […]

Split / Hybrid / Online Classes

Not only can enrollment be increased through transfer students, perceptions regarding online education are changing.  According to the 2019 Online Education Trends Report, 99% of administrators found that demand for online education has increased or stayed the same over the past few years. In 2018, 73% of schools made a decision to offer online programs based […]

Non-traditional Student Success Director

 Currently, transfer students into our traditional programs can get lost in the shuffle with getting integrated within the community. Tinto (1993) posited that undergraduate students’ persistence is influenced not only by their own characteristics, goals, and commitments but also by their experiences academically and socially within the institution. Academic experiences include interaction with staff […]

Transfer Friendly Policies and Processes

Problem/Opportunity Within the January 2019 Inside Higher Ed publication entitled, What College Students Need Most, David Cunningham emphasized that advanced education is not just about getting a job.  It’s about finding your calling.  The language of vocation or calling has become more popular because, while it addresses many quality-of-life issues, it does not neglect the pressures felt by […]