Use VR and AR in sciences

NWC should investigate whether VR/AR equipment could replicate lab experiences to the extent that repeated purchase of lab equipment and materials could be eliminated. “ASU is the first university to offer a virtual-reality biology lab for online students, who use headsets to manipulate DNA and complete dissections.”

Ideas and resources related to mentoring

Mentoring pages from Michigan State University, part of their Academic Advancement Network. Much of the information was adapted from the Mentoring Toolkit developed as part of the work on NSF ADVANCE Grant #0811205, awarded to Michigan State University in fall 2008. Strong practices in advancing diversity still continue today from the original work. Mentoring

Transfer Student Enrollment

Cox, P. (2018). Minnesota’s private colleges opening up to community college students. Minnesota Public Radio. Retrieved from hyperlink: Hello World What used to be a tricky and frustrating process, is becoming somewhat easier as colleges find they need more diversity and steadier enrollment. It speaks to partnerships between private colleges and community colleges […]